Installation and setup

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Download the KIDS build and client executable.

R1SRLOR0412.KID - -

Installation of M routines

1. Install the R1SRLOR KIDS build in VistA.

2. Assign users secondary option R1SRL OR SCHEDULE VIEWER and security key R1SRLORV for login access to the display.

3. Assign users access to option R1SRL EDIT OPERATING ROOM CASE and security key R1SRLORV to make changes to Surgical Cases (reference input template R1SRL EDIT OR CASE INFO).

4. Task option R1SRLOR DAILY UPDATE to run once daily.

Installation of Desktop Application

1. Unzip the archive to a directory on the hard drive of the host computer.  You can install the software into any location on the hard drive, but the standard CPRS installation directory might be the preferred location for uniformity of installed VA applications.

2. Create a shortcut to the application (right-click on the exe and choose Create Shortcut).  

3. Right-click on the shortcut and choose Properties from the context menu.  On the Shortcut tab of the properties dialog you will add application parameters to configure the application for VistA connectivity.

The application parameters are as follows:





broker server



broker port



config file path



display date


As can be noted from the above table, only the RPC broker server and port parameters are required.

The parameters are appended to the contents of the Target field in the Shortcut properties dialog in the following format:

s=<vista server> p=<port> d=<date> c=<config path>

Example: p=19205 d=T c=c:\util\orscheduleviewer.ini

If the date and config file path parameters are not included then the application will display the cases for the current date and will create the config file in the user's local temp directory.

4. Place the shortcut to the application on applicable PCs under "All Users" desktop.