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The application's main menu, located at the top of the screen above the status bar and surgery schedule, is the primary way of invoking the majority of the program's features.  A number of menu items can be invoked via keyboard shortcuts.  Menu items with keyboard shortcuts display the shortcut key to the right of the name of the menu item.

A description of each of the items in the main menu follows.


Select Date (F2) - Select a date for which to display surgery cases.

Refresh (F5) - Refresh the display of surgery cases.

Print Preview - Display a preview of the surgery cases before printing.

Print - Send the displayed surgery cases to a printer.

Save... - Save the surgery schedule data to a text file.

Copy to Clipboard - Copy the surgery schedule data as tab-delimited plain-text data to the system clipboard.

Copy to Clipboard as HTML - Copy the surgery schedule data as HTML, preserving formatting, to the system clipboard.

Open New Window - Invokes a second application in which surgery cases, perhaps for another date, are displayed.

Exit - Exit the application


Auto-Fit Columns (F9) - Compresses all columns so that they completely fit within the display, so that horizontal scroll bars are not needed.

Auto-Size Columns (F10) - Resizes all of the columns so that each column fully accommodates the longest content in each cell.

Full Screen Mode (F11) - Resizes the application so that it takes up 100% of the screen.  The same option restores the application to the default size when in full-screen mode.

Legend (F12) - Toggles the display of the legend at the bottom of the screen.

Settings - Invokes the Settings dialog which allows for customization of the application.


Help Topics (F1) - Invokes online help for the application.

About - Displays an about box with basic information about the application.