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The AVS is automatically populated with data from CPRS and includes the following features:

AVS is a a web-based interface launched from the CPRS Tools menu

Provides a summary of the visit, including diagnoses, vitals, new orders, upcoming appointments, provider comments/instructions, as well as information pertaining to the patient's ongoing care, including the primary care provider, allergies, and the patient's medication list.

Encounters over last 60 days are available, with most recent encounter auto-selected.

Integration with Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW) for synchronization of patient context switching with CPRS.  

Auto-refresh every 3 minutes (a refresh button is available for when additional orders are placed in CPRS in order  to update the AVS manually).

AVS may be printed to a Windows printer as well as to a network printer.  

A stub note may be automatically created in CPRS indicating that an AVS was provided to the patient.

AVS is automatically uploaded as a PDF document to VistA Imaging when the AVS is first printed.

Provider may add free-text instructions for the patient.

Provider may edit the AVS and add/modify/delete content.

Option to include lab results and graphs of labs and vitals.

Sections of the AVS may be toggled on or off.

Support for multiple languages.

Option for provider to lock the AVS to allow other users to view but not change content.

Integration with Krames-on-Demand (automatic look up of relevant patient education handouts based on provider-entered ICD-codes, search of the Krame’s library, and patient education handout printing directly from the AVS).

Translation engine that allows for replacing orders and locations with patient-friendly text.

Option to include clinical services information (service name, location, phone, hours of operation) in printouts.

Customizable header and footer.

Customizable disclaimers for facility, clinic, and provider.

AVS patient print-out includes

o Clinic visit information (Clinic location, provider, date, time)

o Diagnoses (from the completed CPRS encounter form)

o Vitals signs from the clinic visit

o New orders from the clinic visit (consultations, lab tests, medications, including new orders, changes, and renewals, imaging, and text orders)

o Upcoming appointments (local and remote)

o Free text Instructions

o Primary care provider and team

o Allergies/adverse reactions (local and remote)

o Updated medication list (local and remote)

o Patient education handouts

o Lab results

o Selected data graphing

o Optional patient info (demographics, smoking status, preferred language)

o Optional clinical services information

AVS is:


o Enhances patient-centered, outpatient care by improving communication

Provider -friendly

o Automatically imports visit information, diagnoses, orders, allergies/adverse reactions, appointments and medications

o Provides free-text entry and integration with Krames-on-Demand patient education