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Version 3.1 of the software incorporates the following updates and fixes:

RPC Broker client updated to latest version for Delphi 2007 (version 50) which fixed intermittent VistA connectivity problems.

Fixed login cancellation problem that occurred when cancel button clicked on VistA signon screen.

All source code (Delphi and M) has been updated to conform to R1 namespacing and coding standards.

Column sorting has been fixed.

Comments can be added to the cases.

Added a splash screen at application startup.

Standard R1 About box added to the application.

Added Auto-Size option to the View menu to automatically resize the columns to fully accommodate the contents of each cell.

Row grouping can be disabled and a background color can be selected for the rows.

Date selector modified to prevent unintentional double-clicking of the calendar widget when user quickly clicked multiple times on the month buttons.  Dialog configured to close only when OK or Cancel buttons clicked, and not by double-clicking on a date.

Auto-logon fixed.

OP DISPOSITION column added to display ("Disposition") to track the patients' post-op location.

All time values display as "hh:mm", unless the value for a time field is blank (in which case it displays as a blank string, rather than "00:00").

Legend has been updated, including fixing partially visible bottom line, removed EPL comment in parentheses, and fixed TOtm indentation.

All errors have been trapped in the source code to prevent error dialogs from appearing.  Errors are instead logged to a database server.

INI file automatically deleted and recreated by the software for version changes that would otherwise require manual deletion of INI file.

Online help rewritten and made available in multiple formats (HTML, CHM, Word, PDF).